Here Comes Firefox OS for Smartphones.

Firefox OSFirefox OS: Web Browser leader Mozilla is all set now for giving Apple and Android a competition with its Firefox OS for smartphones. They have unveiled two preview smartphones at developer’s summit.

Firefox Os is created by Mozilla Community:

It’s heard that small Spanish manufacturer has provided smartphones with Firefox OS which seems to be the first step in creating low cost yet powerful smartphones around the world.

Head of Websites and Developer engagement at Mozilla Mr Stormy Peter’s says that “If you’re a developer interested in web technologies and mobile, now is the time to try out Firefox OS”. A company named GeeksPhone have created the developer phones in partnership with the Spanish carrier Telefonica.Firefox OS

Mozilla say’s that the main aim in development of such an OS is to keep the Web open and also to help make sure the power of the web is available to everyone and even on mobile devices.

This means there is no vendor restrictions, people gets flexibility to create their own apps and features and can make use of Firefox Marketplace.Mozilla has also invited developers world over to to create and take part in the development of Firefox OS further.

More information: Firefox OS for smartphones.

image courtesy: Mozilla Firefox.

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