Learn 5 Best Features Of Windows 8.


Best Features Of Windows 8

Best features of Windows 8: Windows 8 is the hot commodity of tech world, the Buzz which it has created is really enormous. You might have already heard about the 1 Million Download on Day one.

We have already discussed on how to upgrade your present Windows to Windows 8 Pro  and we have also discussed about common problems you may while you upgrade to Windows 8.

In this article we will discuss about 5 best features of Windows 8 and which is unique to it.

5 Best Features of Windows 8:

  1. Drag and drop to close any app: With Windows 8 closing any application from tiles is very simple. All you have to do it to just drag and drop it from top to bottom.
  2. Flight mode for quick Wi-Fi disconnection: Previous versions of Windows never had any simple option when it comes to handling Wi-Fi connections, but with Windows 8 it’s quite simple. Windows 8 has added flight mode which enables you to disable and re enable your Wi-Fi connection just with a click or swipe.best Features Of Windows 8
  3. Search: Window 8 search is quite advanced and you can search your machine, apps and all in one with Windows 8 search.Features Of Windows 8
  4. Second Screen: If you are setting up an additional monitor or a projector Windows 8 has made it quite simple. You can use the same quick button which is Windows key + P key (presentation mode on Windows 7) which will show you the Second screen where you can select your desired type of monitor like projector only, duplicate, or extended monitor or You can swipe/click right side to display the sidebar settings menu and then select device which will show you second screen link click on the same to get the second screen menu where you can select the required screen.Features Of Windows 8
    Features Of Windows 8
  5. Windows store: get access to unlimited number of apps categorised like entertainment, games, travel, photo and video, social etc. You can select free apps, purchase paid apps do many more. Windows store is really unique feature which any of earlier versions of Windows didn’t have.

Below video gives a quick look into 5 best features of Windows 8:

The above mentioned are some among best features of Windows 8.There are many more Windows 8 only features which we will be talking about in our coming articles. Hope you liked do comment and don’t forget to subscribe. 🙂


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