Top 3 Social Networks You Should Be On Besides Facebook And Twitter.


Social Networks by now, just about every business is on either Facebook or Twitter, and most are on both. Businesses who want to go the extra mile with social media may also be on LinkedIn and Google+.

While all of these social networks are important for helping you grow your business and create more awareness for your brand, they aren’t the only sites you should be using. There are three social networks that are quickly gaining momentum that your business should be using right now:

3 Best Social Networks:


This runaway start-up has already eclipsed LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter in terms of referral traffic. It is a juggernaut that shows signs of slowing down any time soon, and businesses are quickly establishing profiles on the site to take advantage of its momentum.

Pinterest is a visual bookmarking site, so businesses that have a lot of visuals on their site can show well on Pinterest. If you haven’t already been making better use of pictures, videos, and graphics, now is the time to start.


StumbleUpon is similar to Pinterest in that it is modeled on social bookmarking. However, unlike Pinterest, users don’t just bookmark a site and create virtual scrapbooks of token pictures. On StumbleUpon, users create catalogues of web pages that they like, which other users can then “stumble” through, or browse their way through sites that match their interests so that they may find something new.

StumbleUpon can also create a lot of traffic for web sites that have a strong presence there. Businesses can also gain a lot of influence on the site by gaining a reputation for sharing useful and interesting content.


Digg looks like a news site at first glance, but it is also a user-curated site of bookmarked links, very similar to StumleUpon. Content on Digg is generally more news-oriented, rather than just stories of interest. However, there are plenty of items that are meant for entertainment value only.

Digg is a great way for businesses to promote news, including new products and services, changes to the business model, or even new employees. Like on StumbleUpon, users can rate your content by voting it up.

 Though none of these sites is ready to edge out Facebook in social media, they are all growing quickly and giving businesses new ways to connect with customers. If you aren’t already on these sites, you need to sign up today.

3 Best Social Networks:

Are you on Pinterest, StumbleUpon or Digg? Share your experiences and tips for success for promoting your business in the comments!

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