Samsung Galaxy S3 Fails to IPhone 5 In the Drop Test.


By now you might have read dozens of article about Samsung Galaxy S3 and IPhone 5 like its features, good points, bad points, reviews etc. Android Authority a popular tech blog has now conducted a drop test of two phones and results are not good for Samsung lovers since the end result was a failure of Samsung Galaxy S3 over IPhone 5. IPhone 5 has now proved it’s not a brilliant phone by design but also by physical strength and design.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs IPhone 5 Drop Test:

Apple is surely toughest competition to Samsung; well this test will add another negative impact on its pride model: Samsung Galaxy S3. Meanwhile its rumoured (or rather confirmed) that Samsung in order to come back in the race is releasing Samsung Galaxy S3 mini which is expected to have all features (including new Android Jelly Bean update) with a smaller screen which is expected to be 4 inch.

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