Infograph: Learn How Safe Is Your PIN.


Ever wondered how important and relevant is the PIN or Secret code while using your Credit card or Debit card? How safe is your PIN, ever wondered? This 4 number PIN has big role to play in our financial security. Below Infograph shows the relevance of PIN and dig a little deep into explanation which you might or might not be aware.

Infograph:How Safe Is Your PIN:

How Safe Is Your PIN

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How safe is your pin, things to consider

  1. Use complex PIN and memorize it, don’t make or set it simple for your comfort. (eg: PINs like 1234 etc is an easy guess for any one.)
  2. Don’t keep a record of PIN at places which always have threat of being stolen/lost, like your wallet, your office computer, piece of paper at your desk etc. Best practice is to MEMORIZE it and if you want to note it down somewhere then do it in such a way that only you can understand it.
  3. Don’t use a common PIN for all cards, this is very important. Make sure that you have different PINs for different card and service.
  4. Hide while you type your PIN on ATMS and counters where there is public and anyone can see it.

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