Jelly Bean: An Awestruck Operating System of Android.

jelly bean

Jelly Bean:These days, the operating system that exists in smart phones and tablets varies in different forms and out of those operating systems Android is gaining much popularity i.e. based on Linux developed by Open Handset Alliance. In 2005, Google has purchased the initial developer of the software Android. This operating system has open source code and has a large community for Mobile Application Development. The code is written is Java and these apps are further downloaded from third party websites and online stores like Google Play.

Android Market

Android has become one of the leading platforms in the final quarter of 2010 and more than 60% of the market share goes to smart phone and the market analysts has recommended the advantage of being a multi channel and multi career platform that led to its unprecedented growth.

Jelly Bean Android

jelly bean

If you want to develop and application for Android then you must be aware of the latest updates and recently Google announced the latest update called Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This update was announced during the Input/Output conference held in San Francisco this year

The ice cream sandwich is another update announced by Google which us not much of a facelift from older versions and the developers have expected it to be the faster and intuitive platform ever being made. However, the update for Jelly Bean has gained a lot more interest than other updates.

Jelly Bean updates

The new framework works at the speed of 60 frames/second and this upgrade is known as Project butter that enhances the sensitivity and reciprocity of the device. You will find all the update in a better phase like scrolling, swiping or any other update will be much smoother and fine than any other framework. The sense of touch has improved with the enhancement of these operating systems. The predictability of keyboard has improved and the new operating systems has dropped to the auto correct mistakes like voice typing dictation an also it work better when offline.

Jelly Bean Official Video:

The Jelly bean updates suitably fit into the available screen and the icons are now more reorganize able which can be moved around and also added or deleted when required. It has improved the home screen in a much better way. Google Now is another added feature that aims to provide exact information of the place where you locate and also at the right time.

Search Cards are also one of the most important features of Jelly Bean. These “Search Cards” would display with searching new answers in a more graphical custom application development  and easy to use way. A Voice Search is also available in the new operating system. Also the multi touch gesture of Jelly Bean update extends over to several notifications and now you can perform n number of tasks with the notification bar and this feature has been utilized by the smart phones and the tablets most recently used these days.

You can learn more or get updates about of Android Jelly Bean here: Android Jelly Bean News (Official)

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