News: Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Launching Soon.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini would be new effort from Samsung electronics to come back on track in smartphone race. Present scenario is not so overwhelming for Samsung with its recent defeat in patent case, Samsung Galaxy S3 sales not as hot as considered and above all whooping sale of Apple IPhone 5.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Update:

Samsung may release its  Galaxy S3 Mini which will come with all similar features as in present Galaxy S3 model but the phone will much smaller than the Galaxy S3. It’s rumored that  Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will have a smaller screen and probably 4 inch screen similar to IPhone 5 and the release date is expected to be on /by mid of October 2012.

More news is awaited from Samsung. learn more about Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini here.

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