New Nokia Lumia 920 Ad Making Fun Of IPhone 5.

New Nokia Lumia 920 Ad

New Nokia Lumia 920 ad is now viral on YouTube which is criticizing Apple IPhone. Before it was Samsung which made fun of IPhone 5 by doing a comparative study of features one by one but here Nokia is specifically pointing out one an option any IPhone users don’t have and that is the Color. IPhone 5 comes only in 2 colors black and white ,meanwhile Apple has added more colors to its IPOD making it available with multiple colors but kept Apple IPhone unchanged. Apparently Nokia Lumia 920 comes with come with 5 colors Yellow, Red, White, Black, and Ash. New Nokia Lumia 920 Ad

Even though the new Nokia Lumia 920 ad makes fun of Apple IPhone 5, they have not gone into many details but only kept one point highlighted and that is the Color.

New Nokia Lumia 920 Ad on Youtube.


Nokia Lumia 920 will join the race very soon as it’s most anticipated and hyped smartphone by Nokia. It is powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 OS with brilliant features like large HD touchscreen display, dual-core processor, and one the best cam an 8.7-megapixel PureView camera and above all great new design with multiple Color choices.You can have a complete look through its features here: Nokia Lumia 920.

Screen image from new Nokia Lumia 920 ad:

new nokia lumia 920 ad

Being said that Apple IPhone 5 is still rocking the sales and going strong. Major player like Samsung ,Nokia,Blackberry are all looking out ways to give a tough competition to Apple. Lets see who will be the winner in long term.

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