How To Attract More Visitors To Blog Post.

Attract more visitors to BlogAttract more visitors to blog article will be continuation of our on-going series of articles especially for newbie bloggers. Last time we have discussed about tips like “Best SEO plugins”, “Increase blog traffic”etc., In this article we will discuss about single post and how we make it more attractive and search engine friendly and learn how to attract more visitors to Blog.

Attract more visitors to Blog.

As I said we will discuss only about a single post, and learn how we can craft a better article which will be more visible to Google and also very good for your readers. There are many points we must consider very seriously when we set up an article. These are not high tech things which are hard to follow its only about following them and at the end of the day becomes beneficial to us or in simple words will attract more visitors to blog.

  1. Use Headline Tags: Attract more visitors to BlogOne of the best way to attract more visitors to blog is by writing a well presented article, for that you must cut down your article into paragraphs. Adequate sub headings should be given when and where necessary. You must use H1, H2, H3 tags when add sub headings in between the article. This technique will not only make your blog attractive and presentable but also will help search engine in finding out article quickly and easily and give them relevant position on search.
  2. Keywords: Attract more Visitors to blogAdding keywords in article is always great if you want have some good Google juices, but here one thing you need to be very careful is that you never over do the stuff, if you create an article which is only intended to fool Google, then rather than getting something good chances are there that it will end up in your blog being blacklisted by Google. Do some good research about keywords relevant to your article; you can use free services like Google Adwords which will let you do that. Keywords if used properly in blog post can be best way to attract more visitors to blog through search engines.
  3. Unique Articles: When you write an article make sure that you write something unique, now this doesn’t mean that you need to create your own story but you can write or rather present any information in different ways. There are many bloggers just do a copy paste of articles from reputed blogs and do some para phrasing and publish the same which is never going to help the blogger.With the new Google Panda/Penguin update doing such things would actually have negative impact on your blog and there are chances that your blog is pushed further down in search engines. So try to be unique or show even same information in a different perspective which will ultimately help you in attract more visitors to blog. (Note: There are exceptional cases where cannot apply this principle like a breaking news or some kind of start-up information where only providing or updating information is relevant.)
  4. Simple Language: Whenever you put a post make sure that even a person with least knowledge in the subject should understand what you have written. This is an ultimate mantra to attract more visitors to blog.Don’t include too much techie stuffs such that an ordinary visitor feels like he has reached an alien land. Write in simple words, use simple past tense etc. When your articles are very well readable and understandable it will give you a good number of returning visitors.  (Note: This rules does not apply when you are writing about any particular technology for example Ms Exchange server, Android programming etc. where you will have to be techie at times)
  5.  Include Internal and External Links: Always try to include inbound and outbound links inside your article. This can prove good for your search engine rankings. When you add inbound (internal link with in your blog) you are actually promoting your old article and this will help in engaging your blog readers in your blog. Same as internal adding external links especially to keywords can be good and is also mentioned as a good SEO method. So try to include some good links (internal and external) inside your article.

Conclusion: Attract more Visitors to blog.

Taking care of simple steps and rules can prove very beneficial for your blog and above mentioned are couple of  best practices which when followed properly can be very vital to attract more visitors to blog.

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  • One important thing when creating great article is reduce/even try not to repeat one word. This can affect your page ranking.

    • sk

      well that is keyword strategy… only thing we need to take care is not to over do it…