ReadyCase: Multipurpose Iphone Case.


Iphone 5 is already out in the market and if you are a fan of it and do possess one then this post is exclusive for you. Introducing ReadyCase a multipurpose and multiuse Iphone 5 case and the great thing about ReadyCase is that it powers up your Iphone.

ReadyCase Video Intro:


Features:Quick look:ReadyCase

  1. Power up your Iphone cam with Integrated Lens Ring with that you can attach a variety of lenses specifically designed to work with the iPhone. ReadyCase ships with three lenses.
  2. USB thumb drive which you can use not for your data storage but also as an Iphone stand so you can popup your phone in landscape or portrait mode with adjustable angles for your comfort.
  3. Multi tool for many day today activities. Use it for cutting threads, tightening screws, open soda or bear bottles 🙂 and many more.

ReadyCase Screens:







Exited then learn more: ReadyCase.

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