5 Must Have Best WordPress Security Plugins.

Best WordPress Security Plugins

Best WordPress Security Plugins article would be third article for newbie bloggers, earlier we have written articles on “how to increase blog traffic” and “best SEO plugins”. In this article we will discuss about best WordPress Security plugins.

Securing our blog from unwanted spammers, hackers, malware attacks is very important. Even though we cannot completely stop these we can take precautions so that any unduly incidents can be avoided. There are some great and best WordPress security plugins which can give great protection to your WordPress blog and we will be talking about 5 such great ones.

Best WordPress Security Plugins:

  1. Akismet:Best WordPress Security Plugins

    Akismet plugin protects WordPress blogs from unwanted spam comment from getting published on blog. It filters comments and track-back spam. Features include identify misleading comments with spam links, Spam and Unspam reports now include more information, to help improve accuracy. Akismet is one of the best and famous plugin and surely is must have for any WordPress blog. Learn more/grab it: Akismet.

  2. Wordfence:Best WordPress Security Plugins

    Its very powerful and is one among the  best WordPress Security plugins which gives admins a complete protection. With Wordfence you can Repair infected core, theme and plugin files, Show you what has changed in your infected files, Constantly scans your posts, pages, comments and plugins for malware URL’s, Shows you all your traffic in real-time giving you situational awareness to help your security decision making. Separate human and crawler traffic intelligently, Show you detailed data on traffic including reverse DNS lookups and city level geo location. Learn more/grab it: Wordfence.

  3. SI CAPTCHA:Best WordPress Security Plugins

    This is another useful plugin which adds a captcha image to comments, with this any visitor who wants to comment on any blog post will have to put the texts on captcha correctly in order to submit and comment. Another advantage of using this plugin is that it works with Akismet plugin and adds an additional security. By adding a captcha it becomes impossible for bulk automated spammers to submit spam comments. (Note: Adding captcha to comments can be annoying for some users or visitors who might have wished to put a genuine comment about your post). Learn more/grab it: SI CAPTCHA.

  4. Email Address Encoder:Best WordPress Security Plugins

    its lightweight plugin which help protecting plain email addresses and mailto links from email-harvesting robots by encoding them into decimal and hexadecimal entities. This plugin protects blog visitors thus building a trust.  Learn more/grab it: Email Address Encoder.

  5. Comment Spamtrap:Best WordPress Security Plugins

    Makes it tough for spam bots, this plugin will add 2 form fields to the comment form (hidden by CSS) for detecting spam bots that auto fill all form fields they find. Learn more/grab it: Comment Spamtrap.

These plugins can be very useful handy for any WordPress blogger who cannot afford premium protection service for their blogs.The above mentioned are some of the top rated and best wordpress security plugins, well if you want to add something do put a comment.

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