What is new in iOS 6?

ios 6

iOS 6 is biggest buzz apart from the news of IPhone 5 in the tech word.Apple has already announced about its upcoming IPhone 5 and iOS 6. It’s expected that within a months’ time people whole around world can have hands on experience. In this post we will do a quick look into iOS 6 and what’s all new coming with it.

iOS 6:- New Features and Improvements:

  1. Apple Maps:ios 6 maps Well this is the first big change Apple is making. Apple will be saying a good bye to Google Maps by introducing Apple Maps. From the first look Apple maps seems to be much more in technology and features apart from that Apple is also building its own online traffic service which can offer anonymous, crowd-sourced, and real-time incident reports.
  2. VIP Mail: ios 6 messagesAn added feature that is coming to mail, where you users can highlight mail from an important person or organisation that they really want to hear from.
  3. Siri:  ios 6 siriSiri goes advanced. It can now launch Apps, can tweet, knows more about sports, movies, restaurants, traffic, Siri integrates Yelp and Open Table for easy restaurant reservations & reviews, new languages support, integrate with your car for automation, Siri will available be on IPad also.
  4. Facebook integration: ios 6 facebookAs Twitter in iOS 5, it’s now Facebook’s turn. iOS 6 has integrated Facebook right into iOS which means users have instant access to Facebook in apps, the web browser and Siri. Adding to this from now on contacts can be integrated in iOS 6, and great news is that events and birthdays can also be sync with the calendar.
  5. Safari gets facelift: iOS 6 will have an improved Safari for ultimate user experience while they browse internet. Offline reading lists feature like in Instapaper will now be on Safari. App Banner feature will help developers in placing touch app button where users can directly install app from particular website or service.

Many more simple enhancements are expected apart from major ones which I have mentioned above. I hope that iOS 6 brings better user experience with it. You can learn more about iOS 6 and related news from below link.

Apple iOS 6.

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