Download Offline Installers of Your Favourite Applications.

download offline installers

There are many useful applications which we use commonly in our day to day activities. Most of them are easily available on net for download and installing them is not an issue. But at times situations like no internet connectivity comes up which hinders in downloading and installing these. One option is to download these software and save it locally so that we can install them on any computer regardless its connected or not.

But some installers like Adobe Reader, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Adobe Flash etc. will not give you complete installer package when you download their standard installer available on net and this installer will only work if you have an active internet connection. You need to download offline installers for the same and in this post I will share links from where you can download offline installers.

Links to Download Offline Installers of Your Favorite Applications:

download offline installers

  1. Adobe Reader X:  Download Offline Installers.

  2. Skype: Download Offline Installers.

  3. Adobe Flash Player:  Download Offline Installer (Internet Explorer) , Download Offline Installer (other browser).

  4. Yahoo Messenger: Download Offline Installers.

  5. Real player: Download Offline Installers.

  6. Microsoft Security Essentials: Note, you can download the Security Essential installer and then run this file; this will update your Security Essentials. Also make sure that you replace file with latest file available online since if you use the same for long Virus engine version will be old. Download Security Essential Offline Update (32 bit). and 64 bit.

  7. Google Chrome: Download Offline Installers.

These full offline installers are very useful at times especially when you are in a situation where you don’t have access to internet etc.

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