Insync: Power up your Google Drive with More functionality.


Google Drive is recent entry in the Cloud storage market, we have already discussed about Google Drive in an earlier article.Even though it’s a great service from Google, it has lot of limitation when compared to its other competitors like Sky Drive, Dropbox etc.Insync service empowers Google Drive by adding additional functionality. By default Google Drive do have couple of limitations and Insync tries to fix these.

Insync Features:

a) Allow offline editing of documents (Google Docs),

b) Allows Multiple Google accounts.

c) Right-click share, Recent changes notifications.

e) Allows non-admin Windows install.

f) External hard drive/USB drive support.

g) Selective sync.

Addition of these functionality makes Google Drive powerful and as flexible as services like Dropbox and Sky Drive etc.

In order to use this service, you need to login with your Google account, you will have to allow Insync to access your Google account to proceed further. Once after that you can install Insync in your machine.

After the installation Insync will sync all your Google Drive and Google Docs data.

Learn more about Insync.

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