Share or Send Large Files Online with Dropcanvas.


Dropcanvas is a free online service which allows you to send large files.We have discussed about many services which allows you to send large files like “We Transfer: Send large files the easy and quick way.” and “Filepigeon: Send large files in simple way.

About Dropcanvas:

Today we will talk about Dropcanvas, this service allows you to share and send large files in a very simple way. Well the first question you would ask me is what’s the difference between this and the other ones which I have mentioned above? Well the first thing I would like to mention is its limit. Dropcanvas allows you to save and share up to 5 GB of files. Each time you do an upload it creates a folder known as canvas, a single canvas can hold up to 5 GB of data but what’s great is that there is no limitation for creation of canvas.

Another great feature in Dropcanvas is the option to “drag and drop” files, you can open any file and just drag and drop to Dropcanvas. This means you can open a folder which you want to upload, click and drag the files which is very simple.

And once you have uploaded your file, you have simple option to share this file to your friends through Email or your favorite social network.


Dropcanvas upload interface


Dropcanvas send share

Your files uploaded remains on the server for 60 days if you are free non registered member  but you also have option to create an account which is absolutely free ,and what more you can use your Facebook login to access/create Dropcanvas account apart from normal form registration.

Learn more about Dropcanvas.

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  • John Apretto

    FTP is out of question to transfer large files. I have been using Binfer after a friend used it to transfer some very large files to me. The link is

  • Stuart

    You mention File Pigeon, we use Digital Pigeon similar ease of use but has more professional options like custom branding and web previews for our media files. Check it out: