SocialFolder: Sync and Backup Social Network and More.

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Backup social network is important since we never know when we miss something special or when we require all of a sudden.We all are part of social networks or websites someone or the other. May it be Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Box, LinkedIn, Google plus etc. etc.  and the list goes on and on.

We all share lots of stuff in these services but don’t have much emphasize on how to backup all our data especially photos and images which we have shared on them. That’s where SocialFolder going to help us. In simple

SocialFolder: How it helps to Backup Social Network.

SocialFolder allows you to save/sync all your social network or website stuffs to your machine. This means that you can back up all those photos/data inside your favourite social network, video sites (YouTube etc.)  and more.

Using SocialFolder for (Backup Social Network) is pretty simple, once you have downloaded and installed application, open it up and then you can add your social network etc.

Below Video about SocialFolder explains how to backup Social Network.

Features of SocialFolder:

  1. Supports many favourite services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Box, Photo bucket etc.and helps to sync /backup social network.
  2. Once you have setup your SocialFolder, all the process like sync from Social network to pc or pc to network happens automatically (backup social network).
  3. All the contents are organized in order and according to service.
  4. Transfer photos or images between network very simple and easily. (Like From Facebook photos to Flicker)
  5. Drag and drop to particular folder to sync any file.

Conclusion: SocialFolder can be very useful service for people who are concerned about their stuff online and want to keep a backup of all of them.

Learn more about (backup social network) : SocialFolder.

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