Facebook to Erase All Deleted Photos Permanently.

facebook photos

Facebook Photos ,we have a lot of them.One of the biggest concerns while using Facebook is the user privacy. It’s said that once you are in the social network whatever you do, share, upload all of them are going to be there forever and even if you remove/delete them from your profile the data resides in Facebook servers. So it means that there is no point in rem

What happens to Facebook Photos deleted from Facebook?

Most of the users around the world wanted Facebook to fix this or to take user privacy seriously. This time Facebook has heard the concerns and have taken the first step, they have decided that they will no more keep the any backup of images/photos which once users have deleted. This means that once you have deleted an image or photo from your Facebook Album, Facebook after a very short period of time will delete them permanently forever. In a recent article we have also shared with news about Facebook’s dedicated mail service for phishing complains and we have also mentioned about Mcafee’s app which protects your Facebook photos privacy.

facebook photos

Earlier the scenario was even if a user removes/deletes an image from Facebook photos (albums) which he or she has uploaded remains there in Facebook and any user with a direct link to image can access or view the image/photo.

But from now on the Facebook photos deleted by a user will be permanently wiped from the system within 14 days, or a maximum of 30 days.

Conclusion (Facebook Photos) :

Certainly it’s great news for users who are concerned about their privacy. Hopefully this is a beginning and we can believe that Facebook will go for further actions to make users free from fear of Personal Privacy Threats.

News source: Economic Times.

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