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crop is very simple online tool which can crop your photos or images automatically without need of any expertise. Using is very simple, once you are on the webpage you have to upload your image which you want to crop. Once you have successfully uploaded the image you need to select you required size from the custom sizes or if you want to specify yourself, you can do the same by entering the width and height.

Once you have done that you can click on “Crop your image”, that’s it.

Features of (Crop your photos):

  1. Simple, easy and fast online service: Using this is pretty simple and it works quite fast.
  2. No need of any software installation: You do not have to install any application for performing the cropping function.
  3. Crop photos to any custom size: You can crop to any required size by specifying width and height or can be selected from standard sizes.
  4. Download your photos in zip format: Download your photos after it’s cropped in convenient zip format.
  5. You can crop a single photo itself into multiple sizes and multiple photos also: allows to different photos at a time for cropping, also you can crop a single photos in multiple format sizes. This significantly reduces amount of time while doing bulk photo cropping. Screen (how to Crop):

crop is very simple and useful service especially for people who do not know how to use complex software like Photoshop etc.

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  • pranji

    this would be a very useful tool for people who cannot buy softwares like photoshop…..