Write-Box: Online Text Editor for Dropbox.


Write-Box is a simple free online text editor service which can be directly linked to your Dropbox account. This means that you have online text editor which you can use as similar to your favorite text editors like Notepad with an extra power to work and store online (directly to Dropbox account).


Write-box interface

Apart from this Write-Box also provides you basic formatting options like making the Changing text font, color, background etc.


Write-box interface (advanced)

Using this service is quite simple, once you are on the website you can start working on the text editor and you can connect to your Dropbox account from there and specify where to save the file. Further if you have made changes afterwards (Without logging on to Dropbox) you have sync option which will update the files inside your Dropbox.

Write-Box uses Google Appspot engine as its backend, which is a secure service powered with HTTPS (secure) connection which makes sure that your data and privacy is safe.

Learn More about Write-Box Here.

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