Check If Your Email Has Been Hacked or Not?


Securing our online resources is very important in today’s world since there are multiple threats of hacking, virus attacks, phishing, spoofing for users.

One such areas where we need to tighten security is our Email whether its company mail or a public email like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail etc.


Shouldichangemypassword is online service which can give you report about your email address if it had been hacked and your private information is online where any people can access.


Shouldichangemypassword results

Shouldichangemypassword checks for compromised passwords online for the provided email id. Shouldichangemypassword does not tell your current status of email but will tell you if your mail id was hacked before, they are able to achieve this information since when an email id is hacked by hackers most of them tend to publish the information online. Shouldichangemypassword checks for this information.

If your account is hacked and information is available it’s recommended that you change your password immediately.You also have a email Watchdog option where you can tell Shouldichangemypassword to keep an eye on your particular email and if it finds any breach immediately alert you.

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