Send All your Gmail Attachments to Cloud Storage.


Attachments are the one item which occupies maximum space or in rather simple words most of Gmail email quota limit is eaten up by attachments which you receive from your different senders.These can anything from images, documents, videos or literally anything which you can attach and send.

Copy All Your Data to Cloud.

One best solution to free up space is by copying all the to some kind of storage online or offline but it’s not as simple as it sounds since we need to manually find mail with attachment and copy them, but this is not simple process. online service does same job for us with ease; it can save all your attachments to your favorite cloud drives like Dropbox, Box, Google drive etc.

Features of

  1. Save attachment quickly to cloud.
  2. Searches inside the text of any attachment.
  3. Use the iPhone application available.
  4. Chrome and Firefox extension to have it integrate seamlessly with Gmail.
  5. Integrates Gmail with Dropbox,Box.
  6. Type directly into the search box as usual and will enhance the search.
  7. Click on an attachment and you’ll be brought directly to the email you received it with. Video Intro:

This service can be a really handy for people who receive many emails with attachments and if properly managed it make your life pretty easy. More over supports Google Apps email as well.

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