Learning Key Board Shortcuts made Easy with KeyRocket.


Learning keyboard shortcuts is always handy since it can make our work on computers faster and we don’t need that exhausting mouse click for each and every time.Moreover many of us have laptops nowadays and use them commonly in like situations where we need to travel or move around and where attaching a mouse to it won’t be always convenient option. In couple of our earlier articles we have mentioned about useful keyboard shortcuts like “Useful Windows 7 shortcuts.”, “Windows 8 key board shortcuts.”, “Internet Explorer 9 shortcuts” etc.

One problem in using them is to memorise all the shortcuts which sometimes can be tough and especially we have a habit for using shortcuts pretty less.KeyRocket is small freeware which will recommend you key board shortcuts while you are on work which will make your life easier on computer. With KeyRocket you can learn keyboard shortcuts in a pretty simple and funny way. While on some work on your desktop or any of your office suits like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc., KeyRocket suggests useful shortcuts in a small notification window based on your mouse clicks and movements. At present it supports Windows Explorer and Microsoft Office shortcuts (Excel, Word, Outlook and PowerPoint).

Below video gives a simple overview:

KeyRocket features:

  1. Simple and easy to use/learn.
  2. Quick and Smart Notifications: KeyRocket detects automatically and quickly on what you are working on and offers context-aware shortcut suggestions for Windows and Microsoft Office. For example you underlined some text with the mouse; KeyRocket will notice this and suggest Ctrl+U in a small notification window. It’s that simple.
  3. Learn all the shortcuts: There are more than 1600 shortcuts and quick keys for Microsoft Office suits and Windows Explorer and you can quickly be a master of the same.
  4. Inbuilt shortcut library: If you any query for shortcut, you can search KeyRocket.
  5. Free for personal use and Supports Windows 7, Vista & XP and Office 2003 to Office 2013.

KeyRocket Screens:


KeyRocket running

KeyRocket Shortcut suggestion

KeyRocket Suggestion

KeyRocket progress report.

Conclusion: KeyRocket is very helpful software which can make our life easy and add more fun when working with computers.And if you are a Mac user the good news for you is KeyRocket will be available for you also soon.

Learn more/Download KeyRocket Here.

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image credits:www.veodin.com/keyrocket/

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