Check Who Unfriend You On Facebook with Unfriendapp.


If Facebook asks you “Tell us one feature you would like to see on Facebook” then I am sure one among them would be for a feature or option by which users can find who unfriend them from Facebook. It’s a human psychological factor as most us would want to know and it’s not bad too since when someone accepts our friendship we are notified so how come we when someone leaves us we don’t get any such notifications.

At present Facebook does not have such option, but you can get this with third party app “Unfriendapp” which will add this feature to Facebook account.

How Unfriendapp Work?

Once you have installed Unfriendapp what this freeware does is an index of all your friends right inside your machine means locally inside your pc. This means no personal data is forwarded anywhere. Next time if someone removes you from the friends list you will get a notification (ref: image.)


Features of Unfriendapp:

  1. All information is stored locally, no information is passed on.(100% secure, safe and verified app)
  2. Get instant unfriend notifications, account deletion notifications.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. Unfriendapp checks your friends list every 15 minutes and automatically alerts you if someone has left you it also alert you if someone inside your friends list has deleted his/her account.
  5. Works with Windows computers and compatible with Internet Explorer 7 or above, Firefox 3.6 or above. Google chrome support coming soon.

From the initial reviews Unfriendapp is genuine and verified software with already a large number of users using it. More over our privacy is also safe since all the data is saved inside our computer.

Learn more /Install Unfriendapp here. 

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