YouTube: How to Create Intro Videos.


Are you aware that Google has launched one new tool which will help users in creating Intro and Outros for their videos, so their subscribers can use this for their channel?

+Introduction Tool for YouTube.

This tool is available for all users, who would like to create a short video to introduce the main part of the playlist to their viewers. It will make your playlist more professional and look like a news report rather than a simple collection of videos and above all very simple to use. This Tool also allows you to add some text effects to your intros and sound effect too to make them more personalized.

How to customize your playlist:

1. Create or open a playlist
2. Click the “Edit” button
3. Click on “+Introduction
4. Either you can create an intro by yourself by recording with a webcam or create texts for intro titles.

5. After that, click “Save”

 I hope it’s pretty simple; you can try your hand on by logging into YouTube.

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