Get Back Windows 7 Gadgets On Windows 8 with 8GadgetPack.


One feature you will miss on Windows 8 from its predecessor is the Gadgets. Microsoft has introduced Gadgets from its Windows Vista and it was continued on Windows 7 but they have removed this feature on Windows 8 probably because Windows 8 already has app screen.

With 8Gadget utility you can get back gadgets if you are fan of Windows 7 gadgets. With this small utility you can install the original Gadget program files on Windows 8. 8Gadjets comes some most favorite gadgets clock, calendar etc.


Windows 8 Gadgets

8Gadget features:

  1. Apps included are as follows 7 Sidebar – Helmut Buhler,Agenda – Ronnie,All CPU Meter –,App Launcher – Dean Laforet,Calendar – Microsoft,Clipboarder – Helmut Buhler,Clock – Microsoft,Control System –,CPU Meter – Microsoft, Currency – Microsoft,Reminder – dahi24,DriveInfo – Kris Thompson,Drives Meter –, Feed Headlines – Microsoft,Glassy CPU Monitor – Helmut Buhler,Google Mail – Orbmu2k, MiniRadio – Ronnie,Multi Meter – SFkilla,My Weather – Pat Possible,Network Monitor II – Igor M. Bushin, Picture Puzzle – Microsoft,Power Status – Orbmu2k,Slide Show – Microsoft,Sticky Notes Online – SharPra,Top Five – Orbmu2k, Volume Control – Orbmu2k,Weather – Microsoft,Webradio Sidebar Gadget – Florian Enders.
  2. Supports Windows 8 32 bit and64 bit.
  3. Spamware or Adware free. No unwanted stuffs.
  4. Full integration with Windows 8 desktop.
  5. Freeware.

8Gadget Pack is quite simple software which brings back Gadgets for users whose really missing gadgets on Windows 8.

Learn More/Download 8Gadgets Here.

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