Ginger: Correct Your Spelling And Grammar.

ginger software

Ginger is freeware application which acts a digital proofreader for any text, document for spelling and grammar errors. Usually we use text editors like Microsoft Word for creating articles, write ups, letters etc. and Ginger gets integrated with it so you can use it to proof read.

Features of Ginger:

  1. Can be integrated with MS Office and with all major browsers, this allows you to write documents, presentations, and emails with confidence.
  2. Identifies and marks both spelling and grammar mistakes while considering their context.
  3. Correct as you type option available. Ginger Proofreader can also scan the entire document for mistakes.
  4. freeware


ginger-on-word addon

Ginger on word (add-in)

 ginger-on-word proofread

Ginger on Ms Word for proofread

 Ginger can be very useful for day today uses specially if you are weak when it comes to do simple write ups or documents etc.

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