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Usually when we come across an interesting website or blog we do bookmark them so that even later when we require it we can check it back. Sometimes we do copy whole contents to our favorite Word document etc. and then save it to our pc. The mentioned techniques are good but it has its own disadvantages or limitations for example while copying a content from webpage to a word document may require formatting so that unwanted stuffs like lines, tables, codes ads etc. can be removed and other way which is bookmarking a webpage may not be safe way since there are chances that website might have moved the content or may be down or no more exists.

This when creating a PDF copy becomes the best option since it’s easy to read and is one the best format for such. PDFMYURL is online service which will help you to create a PDF copy of any website or blog etc. The best thing about PDFMYURL is that it’s very easy to use, if you want to convert a web site to PDF you only have to enter the site URL and rest is taken care by PDFMYURL.


You can also add PDFMYURL bookmarklet to your browser by dragging and dropping the same from the PDFMYURL webpage to your browser bar. Once you have done that you can convert any webpage to PDF with a single click.

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