OkayFreedom: Simple Free VPN Service.

OkayFreedom is simple VPN service enabling Internet users around the world to privately and securely surf all Web content. It also allows you to Surf blocked websites and Blocked Video.

OkayFreedom service will be very useful for users who are frequently moving around. Many countries have their own website restrictions and they implement these by rerouting the internet traffic through proxies. But if you are someone whose moving around and don’t want to get intercepted while browsing and also don’t want to risk you online communication making it more secure OkayFreedom is perfect answer.

OkayFreedom settings

OkayFreedom settings

OkayFreedom offers 3 packages first one is free (1 GB/month usage), then 10 GB package (priced) and unlimited package.

Learn more about OkayFreedom, Simple Fee VPN Service.

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Image credits: Okayfreedom.com

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