Tos-dr: Learn Real Matter Behind Terms of Service.


When have you gone through terms and service recently you signed up for a web service no matter it’s a social network, email service, forum, blog etc.? Well I am sure that your answer would be no and am also sure that the percentage of this would above 90 means most of us really don’t think of reading any conditions before going ahead. The real reason for not reading or going through any terms and conditions or privacy policy is most of the time these are pretty lengthy written statements which is an absolute boring affair to go through. Another reason is apart for relevant points there are many information cluttered which may be irrelevant for us but the same makes the whole documentation more bulky.

Tos-dr is website which is designed to help users around the world to learn relevant and important points in Terms and conditions of major web services and websites. What Tos-dr does is to give you summarized information and only relevant points concerned with a user when they sign up a web service and share information on those .

As Tos-dr says “ToS;DR is a young project started in June 2012. The data is subject to important changes. This is your opportunity to help us fix the “biggest lie on the web”: join us if you have information to contribute related to specific terms or if you have a comment!

ToS;DR aims at creating a transparent and peer-reviewed process to rate and analyse Terms of Service and Privacy Policies in order to create a rating from Class A to Class E. We need more legal expertise, please also join the working-group. We also need people to contribute source code. Everything is JavaScript and JSON. The data is freely available (CC-BY-SA) and ready to be used for other tools, like browser extensions.

Some of the services include Twitter , Facebook , Google , Amazon , Microsoft , Yahoo! , Wikipedia ,Steam , Delicious , GitHub , Skype , LinkedIn , , Rapidshare  etc.

You can learn more Tos-dr here.

 Image /Citation source: Tos-dr.

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