Facebook: Give an extra protection and privacy to your photos.

McAfee will very soon release McAfee Social Protection app for Facebook users which will give users an extra protection for their Facebook photos. You can customize all your photos and decide whom you want share and who all are not allowed to see .When you upload your photos using the app, your photos will appear blurry and indistinguishable to people you don’t know. What’s more, no one –not even your friends and family who you’ve granted access to your photos– can save, print, download or screen capture them.

Normally you can block any strangers from accessing your photos by editing the Privacy Settings inside Facebook itself. But this only works with strangers but what if your friend gets involved in unwanted activities, there’s no way you can block them sharing your photos wherever they want to. McAfee Social Protection app comes to rescue which makes Photos encrypted so no one can copy, print, or even take a screenshots of them, even friends are allowed only to see them and the photos are not hosted on Facebook’s servers, but on a secured Intel server.

Intro video:

Learn more/Activate this app: McAfee Social Protection app.

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