BoxCryptor: Encrypt and protect your cloud storage.

Cloud storage is becoming very common among users with players like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and many more in line. We have mentioned about these in couple of our previous articles like “5 Best and useful Cloud Storage Services.” & “Info graph: Manage all your cloud storage.

One of the point of concern among users world over in using such service is about their data/information security while availing such service. Well most of these cloud services offers industry standard best security to protect user’s data and information.

So it’s recommended that apart from the inbuilt security features we take our measure in order to protect our data.

BoxCryptor is the perfect software for such purpose, it encrypts your files inside cloud using the AES-256 encryption standard. This secures our data no matter which cloud storage provider we use.


  1. Any device compatible, you can use BoxCryptor with Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS – and even support Linux.
  2. Supports major cloud storage providers like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and more.
  3. BoxCryptor uses the AES-256 standard to encrypt and protect your files. AES-256 is classified by the U.S. Government to protect “TOP SECRET” information.
  4. To add an additional security layer, BoxCryptor can also encrypt filenames.
  5. Free version also available.

Watch the intro video:


BoxCryptor screens

BoxCryptor screens

BoxCryptor screens

BoxCryptor offers 3 versions, free version, unlimited personal, Unlimited Business. The free version is enough for common users and if you need more features and functionality you can opt of other paid versions.

Learn more: BoxCryptor.

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