How to Create Favicon Online with Free Favicon Generator.

Favicon is small icon which we can enable on browser tabs for our website. It is also know as Shortcut icon, Web site icon, URL icon or bookmark icon. In this post we will guide you to create Favicon online. There are number of online tools available to create favicons. But favicon generator is much preferable; it will allow us create favicon in simple steps.

Steps to create Favicon Online.

1)      Open www.

2)      You will see 16X16 pixel box, right side of that box you can see Color picker.

3)      In Color picker menu you can will get options like transparent, color etc.

4)      Select the color from the color picker and start to draw on those grids in the box. You can create symbol or any kind of design as you like.

5)      If you want to erase some colors from the design then you can use the TRANSPARENT option from Color picker.

6)      After completing design you may view your favicon in PREVIEW option.

7)      After creating design, you can download it to your computer.

8)      If you don’t want to design it then you have option to import images of your choice and convert it into favicon.

9)      You can also make changes in the imported image if you want.

Favicon Interface

10)    Final steps are uploading that favicon which you have created into the root directory of your server by FTP.

Favicon is not something which is not very important and your web page will work with no issues but Favicon can be a strong message that your website is perfectly branded.

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