Outlook.com: Microsoft’s new clean email for public.

Microsoft on Tuesday, July 31st has introduced the preview version of its new email service which is named Outlook.com which is a new free web-based personal email service.

Well if you ask what makes it different then first look itself gives the answer which is a cleaner user interface and integration with social networks like Facebook and Twitter right inside you mail.

Microsoft’s Corporative VP Mr. Chris Jones comments on his blog post “We think the time is right to reimagine email. So today, we’re introducing a preview of Outlook.com,”

Outlook.com claims that users will have the advantage of more visible inbox when compared to other traditional email providers.

Outlook.com also allows you to integrate your favourite social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other on-line social networks right inside your email and also provides option for video chat and many more.


Outlook.com inbox

Outlook.com compose mail

Outlook.com Social Network

Outlook.com settings


Microsoft also promises that the Outlook.com gives at most priority to user privacy and it will never scan emails or sell the user information to anyone.

It is expected to replace Hotmail, the web-based email service brought by Microsoft in 1997.

 Hotmail had more than 324 million unique visitors in June, compared with about 290 million for Yahoo’s mail service and 278 million for Google’s Gmail and with the new looks and functionality provided by Outlook it’s expected that more and more people will now go for Microsoft’s Outlook.com

Learn more/sign up: Outlook.com

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