Security: How secure is SSL?

This story covers Web studies done by SSL Labs where they were analyzing how SSL is used over the Web and looking for the ways in which you can break SSL security. During the initial ... Continue Reading →

OneClick: Download torrents right inside Chrome browser.

If you want to download or use torrents the first and must prerequisite is you need to have torrent client. Well there are many powerful and simple torrent clients in the market like ... Continue Reading →

Windows 7: Download beautiful Peru theme.

Microsoft has released Official Peru theme. As Microsoft says “Peru is country of rich cultural traditions, ancient ruins, and tropical forests, Peru encompass a varied geography, ... Continue Reading →

Google Now: Personalized search for your smart devices.

Google has always been innovative when it comes to adapting new technologies. And now yet again Google brings you something unique, Google Now which can be said as your personalized ... Continue Reading →

Universal Extractor: the universal file extraction tool.

Universal Extractor is a light and freeware application which can be used for decompressing and extracting files from any type of archive or installer such as an EXE file, ZIP file, ... Continue Reading →

Android: How to change default app installation to SD card.

If you are using an Android smartphone then you might have noticed that by default whenever you are installing any app it gets installed into phone memory. Now there is real problem ... Continue Reading →

Free ISO Burner: Portable and light freeware for burning ISO.

If you are someone who is frequent downloaders of software’s and application from internet you might have come across ISO images. ISO images are ready of burn images. It’s an archive ... Continue Reading →

Information: Top ranked Torrent Sites of 2012.

We are presenting the list of the worlds most viewed Bit Torrent sites. In 2012, most visitors viewed Pirate Bay but six year old TV –torrent distribution group EZTV listed 8th rank. ... Continue Reading →

Check your DNS for the DNS Changer Malware.

DNSChanger Malware Internet service that converts user-friendly domain names into the numerical Internet protocol (IP) addresses that computers use to talk to each other is the definition ... Continue Reading →

MS Outlook: Fixing common problems and issues.

Microsoft Outlook is most famous and most used email client and it’s a common application for both corporate and individual users.  In this post I will explain you some simple fixes ... Continue Reading →