TabExplorer: Make Windows Explorer like a tabbed browser.

TabExplorer is a freeware application for Windows operating system that will add tabs to the explorer similar to our favorite web browsers. Well the advantage of having a multi-tabbed file explorer than default Windows explorer, is that the copy and paste functions, as well as browsing through multiple folders at a time, becomes easier and simpler.

Some of advantages and features:

  1. Can add the application to start up so that you need not run application every time.
  2. Gives your Windows Explorer same as web browser like tab functionality.
  3. Can even manage more tabs even if its crosses window length.
  4. Portable option.
  5. Adware/Spyware/Virus free.
  6. Simple and light application.


TabExplorer Interface

TabExplorer Interface

TabExplorer Interface


Final words:

If you are fan of tabbed browsing and also fed up with traditional Windows explorer which have continued as same way back Windows 95, then certainly TabExplorer will be your favorite.

Learn more/Try it out: Tabexplorer.

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