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In today’s modern world, it is apparent that we are a society that heavily relies on computers and technology. The success and growth of any business, big or small, is very dependent on the strength of their IT infrastructure within the company. Businesses are now run with multiple devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and more. The most important is still the desktop computer. This leads to the importance of desktop management in a company. A business needs to ensure that their data is always secure and that they have an efficient password management system in place.

Importance of Desktop Management

When a business purchases computers and other technologies to use, they face a huge challenge in ensuring that they run smoothly and efficiently. This can be a big challenge, even for small businesses. It is imperative for a business to make sure that any amount of downtime is minimal. Too much downtime can mean loss of revenue and possible loss of business.

Common Issues Related To Desktop Management:

•Making certain that all the inventory is up-to-date for audits
•Allocation of assets
•Managing various upgrades, patches and deployments
•Protection against hacking and security attacks

The Importance Of Strong Passwords

It cannot be stressed enough the importance of passwords. By not keeping up with passwords and using weak ones, a business runs the risk of losing valuable information about their business, clients and other valuable data. Identity theft is another major reason why password management is important. A good and strong password is one that cannot be easily guessed and should contain numbers, letters and characters in both upper and lower case. Difficult passwords offer businesses better protection. A good desktop management system makes managing passwords much easier throughout the network.

Advantages of a Good Desktop Management System

Desktop management has many advantages and it creates a link between a businesses’ IT infrastructure to make managing resources through a network easier. A good system should let the user be able to have access to any workstation, computer, printer and router within the business. It should also allow for access to the network from another location outside of the company. There are many benefits to using a good desktop management system. Below are some of the top advantages.


With a good desktop management system in place, a business and its workers can focus more on other tasks that need to be done. When the system is in place and running smoothly, it can keep distractions to a minimum. When things run smooth, it is much easier to focus on the work at hand.


When there are multiple computers on a businesses’ network, it means that there is a large amount of information being passed around. Without a good desktop management system, this information could be at risk of being stolen or hacked. This can lead to private information about the business and its clients being leaked out. This can cause a huge disruption in a company. Fixing a problem like that will create a waste of both time, money and resources.

Losing sensitive data can be detrimental to a company and their reputation. It can be embarrassing and could cause a business to close down in a worst case scenario. By using a good desktop management system, a business can avoid these types of occurrences.


Using a desktop management system will also help to increase efficiency in a business. When each team member is clear on what they need to accomplish and they do not have to waste time with non-efficient ways of working, they will get more done. A good, strong network inside of a business will increase the productivity of everyone involved.

Protection from Viruses and Hacking

Businesses large and small have to constantly protect themselves from hackers breaking into their networks and stealing data and personal information of employees and customers. Using a desktop management system with a good password management structure will help prevent sabotage and will help keep the anti-virus and firewall software updated on the network. It will aide a business in keeping their passwords secure and updated as well.

Many believe that implementing a desktop management system is too hard and costly. Though it can come with a decent price tag, the advantages and benefits that it offers will far outweigh any costs incurred. This type of system should be an integral part of any business whether they are large or small.

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