Android: 5 apps to Learn & Play Guitar.

Years ago, we were using classic guitar at home to play songs and have fun. It was very handy instrument for little parties or hang outs. Even though many of us may don’t know how to play guitar but still we can play chords to create a hundred different songs from it. But in today’s generation, we have a free iOS application to play a guitar on mobile phones. Now let’s find some Android guitar apps to play a guitar on android smart phones and mobile.

Here we are introducing you with 5 free Android Application that help you to learn and play the Guitar.

1) Guitar: Solo Lite

Solo Lite is not freeware, yet it’s one of the best app to try out. This application would help us to learn a guitar and it also acts as a guitar simulator. If you are beginner, we would recommend you this version, as it has acoustic guitar simulator and huge no of chords. In this version each chord has a diagram and it show us how it’s played on real guitar and how we can add this in our virtual guitar to play on mobile. And it’s also showing exact fingering to add any chord which you forget to take from the library.

Learn more/Install this app: Guitar Solo Lite.

2) Learn Guitar Chords

Learn Guitar Chords is very much suited for those who have just started to learn guitar. You can skip this app if you know about the chords and just want to concentrate on playing. This version takes you, how to fingering the chords, step by step from basic to advance. It also show you which finger where you need to put, which string to play for each chords to hear the sound from it. The app don’t have huge no of chords but it help us to learn the basics.

Learn more/Install this app: Learn Guitar Chords.

3) Chords! Free

Chords are more useful for advanced player, who expert in basic chords but want to learn more about them and their fingerings. This version has huge no of different chords in their database so you can search the chords to listen their fingerings. Also reverse the search to find which chord it is, by entering the fingering with more scales and tunings. It also has 5 different tunings for different instruments. And if you are left handed than you can flip the fingering the way you want to play.

Learn more/Install this app: Chords! Free.

4) Robotic Guitarist Free

Robotic Guitarist is very comfortable to use on phone and also useful for those who has a real guitar. Its allow you to choose the chords from their huge database and play them on the device. This app includes metronome and a tuner, which you can use for any instrument or add some other instrument to play and also useful to learn fingering to listen each string by itself.

Get the full version of $2.99to come out from the ads.

Learn more/Install this app: Robotic Guitarist Free.

5) The Chordinator

This app is very easy to use and have a great collection of chords to play. It’s useful for those who have a guitar and want to find some songs to play. You can simply search for a song or an artist, you will find the link, and click on it, the chords file is automatically saved on your device, then you can browse the file and find the chords to play songs. You can also click on auto scroll to enable the songs.

Learn more/Install this app: The Chordinator.

There are many Guitar learn and play apps available in the Android market and if you have any personal favorites let us know.

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