Canon’s First Mirror less Interchangeable Lens Camera.

Recently, Canon finally released its first mirror less interchangeable lens camera, offering professional results and features, all found in a compact body, the Canon EOS M. Canon is the last major camera manufacturer to do this, following in the likes of Nikon, Sony, and Panasonic amongst others. This is sure to open up Canon’s market, as they plan to manufacture thousands a month, and gives professional performance into the hands of budding amateurs.

So what does this mean for Canon? They have have been getting some slack lately for the lack of improvement they’ve been making in their video features to their line of HD DSLRs. If this persists, then Canon will need to market to a new crowd, as HD DSLR users are looking to jump boat to the impressive, more affordable Black Magic Cinema Camera. Also Canon’s products are only getting more expensive, and not quite keeping up with the benefits of other cameras.

Now, however, with the Canon EOS M, you can have the control and ability of a DSLR camera, all found in a compact body. This is done through the use of mirror less technology, whereas traditional DSLRs use a mirror flip the image so it looks upright in the viewfinder. Consequently, the new mirror less cameras does not come with a viewfinder. This can make street photography easier, as most subjects aren’t as intimidated with the style of photography.

For existing Canon users, the new EOS M comes with an adapter so you can use all of your current EF lenses. This will make the switch easy and affordable for those who wish to shoot in the manner. This compact camera will still feature a larger sensor found in DSLRs, giving them higher image quality than other consumer grade point and shoot cameras.

The Canon EOS M looks like it will make a decent splash in the market. It will give a more convenient body to use for current DSLR users, and also offers more control for current point and shoot cameras. However, at a price of $799.99 USD for the camera and kit lense, it is not clear whether consumer grade cameras users will make the switch for that price.

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