Yandex: Get free 10 GB cloud storage.

In a recent post I have compared 5 best free cloud storage service, Well now another player has entered market which can give tough competition for all of them.

Yandex is free online cloud and email service which gives a whopping 10 GB of free storage.

Once you have signed up for the Yandex you will receive 3GB of storage as free, now as same as other cloud storage service like Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive etc. Yandex has software client for your Windows, Mac, and Android which you can download and install in your machine and once the installation is completed you will get additional 3GB for free which makes the total 6 GB. Well once you have done that you need to upload any file through the desktop client which adds your storage with another 2 GB which will make your storage space 8 GB in total.

Yandex Desktop Client

Well if you need the additional 2 GB all you have to do is to invite your friend.

So in very simple words Yandex will give you 10 GB of free storage which makes it much more superior than Dropbox or Google Drive and other related services.

As other similar services you can all your files Yandex online website interface.

Yandex Web Interface

The web interface looks simple and easy to understand even for simple user. Apart from this, developers has also provided simple steps to obtain extra cloud space, on its Web API as well and allows you to access and upload files, create and save contacts and read messages everything under one place.


Yandex Mail

Apart from the Yandex gives you a free email account integrated with this cloud service. Also all the email attachments are other files are stored inside you cloud storage which makes it for easy access of these in future.

Learn more/Sign up: Yandex.

image source: Yandex

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