Pros and Cons: Iphone 3GS for 9999 rupees.

If you are in India you might have heard the news that Airtel is offering Iphone 3GS for just 9999 rupees. Rather than going into many details let’s discuss whether this offer is really worth.


  1. Price is a big factor, Airtel offers Iphone 3GS for Rs.9999 which is remarkably cheap.
  2. Comes with IOS version 6 which is faster than older version.
  3. Owning an Apple brand.


  1. Considering Iphone 4S the 3GS version comes (800 MHz speed) with much slow processor. So don’t expect a huge performance nor compare it with Iphone 4S since we are now living in the age of QUAD processor’s which is much superior to old ones.
  2. Less memory ,comes with 256MB of RAM along with 8GB storage. So working with many apps will be hectic and the performance will be slow.
  3. Price conditions, well you will get an Iphone 3GS for 9999 rupees but you are required to subscribe  Airtel Data plan which comes at a cost of 3000 rupees. So the story is it’s not as simple as we think.
  4. No front camera, which means no video calling which is a real drawback.
  5. Iphone 5 may arrive very soon, which means we can expect huge improvements in performance, looks, speed and many more and which will surely make Iphone 3GS device quite an old stuff.

Final words: Even though the offer looks great at first look, it may not be a good option to opt for. Also if owning an Iphone was your dream and only owning it, then it may  prove good else its better to wait for something better which may come hopefully.

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