Setup your proxy with WordPress.

For many reasons many websites are blocked. May it be your office, school or even in your country by your ISP. Proxy Websites can enable us to access or view your favorite websites which is blocked and cannot be accessed normally. We have number of free online proxies which we can use to access the sites. In this post I will explain you how you can set up your own proxy if you have a WordPress site. Follow the below mentioned steps for the same.

 How to set up:

  • First you need to activate Permalinks on WordPress. For that you need to open your settings from WordPress Admin dashboard.
  • Click of “Setting”; you will see Permalinks, select “format”. You can either set the default option or select one format from the selection and click on the save.
  • After you have done that open your PLUGINS option from the dashboard. This where you can add/search for plugins.
  • Search for “Repress” plugin and install the plugin.
  • Now you need to set your whitelist (blocked URL which you want to access). Once you have added the website you can save the settings.
  • Your proxy is ready and active now.

Repress options


 Once you have done that you can open the added site typing the address like this  (In this example I have assumed that site name is and I have set a proxy for website Facebook which is blocked)

 Repress used open source PHPProxy project but what makes is easy is integration of this technology as a plugin which makes it easy to deploy proxy server.

Warning: The developers of this plugin has made it clear that this plugin is still in its alpha (development) state and bugs and issues can be common and it’s not recommended to use where your data is important. This plugin provides only minimal protection against Cross-Site Scripting attacks aan Cookie hijacking. Use at your own risk and proxy only sites you trust.

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