How Facebook can help promote your Brand.

So you’ve built a popular blog with a loyal fan base. You publish regular articles, pay attention to proper keyword usage and have a good idea of what Search Engine Optimisation is. You’ve signed up as an affiliate and carry some profitable ads on your site, but now you want to branch out and extend your brand a bit further. You don’t necessarily want to pay for this promotion, so you want a simple way of doing it yourself. Here are some ways Facebook can help you with this.

Create and maintain a Facebook page for your blog

Facebook pages are free to create. All you have to do is sign into your profile and ‘create a page’. Take the time to upload a suitable header and profile picture. Don’t leave any section empty. Fill out all the required details and edit them or ask a professional editor to do the job. Bad grammar and copy writing, and incorrect spelling do not present you or your brand in the best possible light. You don’t want people turning off even before you’ve been given a good chance to impress them.

Upload your best links to your Facebook page
One you’ve filled out all your details, your mission statement and your ‘About’ panel. You’re ready to include your very best material and links on your page. It’s important that you don’t invite anyone to ‘like’ your page without first giving them a reason to really like and appreciate what you do and what your brand stands for. If you have articles on your blog or website, e-books, pictures etc. that explain and demonstrate what your brand stands for, you need to put all of these on your page. There are options to ‘favourite’ some topics or ‘pin’ an article/link to the top of your page. Use this and toggle it until you get the desired effect. You don’t have to upload everything you have to your Facebook page. You just have to make sure you’ve included the materials which are most important to the statement you want to make about your brand.

Grow your Facebook page
Once you’ve done all of the above and you’re satisfied that your Facebook page demonstrates exactly what you want it to, then you can start to grow your business through this social network. Facebook has now made it very easy for you to advertise your page, but you’ll have to pay. This is also a hit and miss ideal and you won’t know how best it will work for you (if at all) until you’ve tried it. There’s an easier way to grow your crowd – with the people already in your network.
I won’t advice asking people you never network with to like your page. Start with your family and friends, then move up to the people you network with regularly on Facebook. You can easily go through your friends’ lists and pick people to invite from each of them. Just look at the very top of your newly created page and click on ‘invite friends’. Toggle your lists or your recent interactions to see people you want to send invitations to. You have options to look through all your friends’ names, lists only, or recent interactions only.

Place your widget on your site
Wait until you have a good amount of ‘likes’ before you place the widget on your blog. People follow others and if you’ve only got a few likes, you’re less likely to get more. You can use your friends and acquaintances to start building your brand, but once the ball gets rolling properly, place the widget on your blog so it could grow organically from people landing on your site.

Do you have a Facebook page for your blog? If not, why not? It’s easy to create and will increase your traffic, extend your brand, and put your articles in neighbourhoods you may never have penetrated before.

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