PS3 Versus PC: Let’s Agree to Disagree.

Gamers tend to be polarised between Consoles and PC.  It becomes even more contentious when discussing the merits of both PS3 and Xbox.  For the purposes of this article, the focus is squarely upon seeing the merits and downsides of both PS3 and PC. There’s plenty of reasons why there are die-hard devotees of both, and if you’re a newbie it can leave you paralysed as you decide what to buy a Tesco Entertainment!

The Gamer’s Choice: PC

Graphics: With the latest high-end PC, the graphics will be better than on a console.  One downside of this is, as computers rapidly become superceded by newer models, there ends up being ever increasing system requirements.  So PC owners will need to update their rig every few years to keep up with the changes.
Indie Games: The prohibitive cost of licensing games on consoles mean that indie games are often not able to get distribution on consoles like PS3. These weird little indie games are available to PC, a definite plus.
Cheaper: The price for PC games is always going to be slightly lower compared with console games.
Superior Controls:  PS3 devotees would argue that this isn’t true.  It’s open to debate. The mouse is believed to be better for control compared to a console.
Freedom: The ability to upgrade and customise the computer to the individual user’s needs is a definite draw card.  Gamers on PC have access to hacks, mods, patches and level making tools that just aren’t there with console games.

The Gamer’s Choice: PS3

Easier All Round:  Setting up and using a console requires less technical knowledge compared with a PC.  So things like conflicting software, incorrect internet settings and incompatible drivers are not there to annoy gamers.
Longevity: A PS3 will last the better part of a decade, or until the next generation of gaming devices are released.  There is longevity of use as the game on PS3 will always run and not require system upgrades. So no worries there about the system being powerful enough.
Renting and Trading: While the outlay costs for games is more expensive initially. After this to trade in games for store credit is easier. It’s also easier to rent games for PS3 compared with PC.

Passionate followers of both PS3 and PC will no doubt have much more to add to this discussion. However, new gamers can make an assessment of their personal preferences, technical ability and budget to work out what’s best for them.

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