Eclipse: How to develop and export an Android Application.

Before proceeding to further steps I assume that you must be aware about how to set up and use Eclipse. After that we must know how to export an application for testing purposes. In order to do this we need to install the latest ADT plugin into Android Application to export the Android project.  Follow the below steps.

Steps for Installing Eclipse

1) Install the ADT plug-in for Eclipse

2) Launch Eclipse

3) Select HELP option, in that click on Install New Software

4) Install Window pops up, Click Add. Provide ADT plug in as the name and http://dl- as the location.

5) Click on OK

6) If you have already in repository in the list, then OK button become gray

6) Choose the Developer Tools and select next – Next

7) License Agreements window will pop up on screen, read and accept and click on Finish

8) Installed tools and restart your Eclipse.

 Steps for Exporting Android Application from Eclipse

1) Launch Eclipse and open Work Space contains your Android Project.

2) Click on File, Choose Export option

3) Choose Android, Select Export Android application, Click on Next

4) Click on Browse button and select the project to export from the pop up window.

5) Another window will pop up, you will get two options

a) Use existing Keystore :- To sign your application.

b) Create new keystore :-  To create new keystore. If you are creating new keystore then validity must be more than 25Yrs.

6) After creating keystore, another window will popup to verify your key and password

7) After verifying key and password, it will ask the destination in file or browse to open windows Explorer to the save files location. Then click on finish option, your apk extension file will be created.

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