How to secure your tab from security threats.

Tablet or Tablet computer is more popular nowadays due since it’s easy to carry, light weight etc. which is making its usage more day by day. Number of companies has introduced Tablet like iPAD, Samsung Galaxy, HP touchpad, Motorola Xoom for their corporate/business use.

 Now one of the main concerns when using a device such as a Tablet is the security which is equally important like any PC or laptop. There are several series of apps/software/applications available in the market which can be used to secure your tablet device; some of the programs are similar ones which we use for PC and laptop security. In this post we are sharing few ideas which can secure your tablet and make it spyware/virus/malware free no matter whether it’s Android, Apple, Blackberry etc.

1) Use Trusted Sources for your Apps



1.  First and most important thing is that always download security apps and programs from the right sources. If you are not sure of the publisher what’s the best thing to do is to do a Google search of the application and check the user’s comments of the same before going for the installation of such apps.

2.  Sometimes third party app websites and various file sharing sites can prove to be harmful, so do a research when using any app from them.

3. Untrusted sources may have apps injected with malware/spyware/adware. So its recommended not to go for these unless until you are very sure about its reputation.

4. Select the apps of security according to the type of Tablet for e.g. If you have android Tablet, then you should prefer apps of security from android market and if you have blackberry then go for blackberry market only. For apple Tablet always prefer iTune store. This would give your tablet effective and trustworthy apps of security.

2) Be Careful with App Permissions

1)  When we start to install any app on our Tablet or device, before installation, it will ask you for permissions for installation and running permission whether apps is good or bad. So, always keep your eye open while installation.

2)  If we know very well about the app, and know that it’s from trusted source and clean there should not be hesitation to give permission but please read instruction carefully.

3)  Authentic apps also ask to share information or other program which effect on tablet. So whatever information you are sharing please prefer to keep private.

 3. Download good Antivirus and anti-malware Apps





1)  Its most important to install a good and effective Anti-Virus Program for your device security. For E.g. Kaspersky is good for Tabs security or AVG.

2)  Kaspersky and AVG gives effective services like Tablet locking, protect private data and location. Like Kaspersky and AVG, we can get many other programs in the market which is free at cost.

3) Kaspersky and AVG are not too much costly and you will get in any apps stores or from manufactures websites.

4)  Please don’t download pirated copies of the same to avoid the cost of original security apps or antivirus or anti-malware program since these can really work reverse and cause a real threat to device.  It is safer to genuine software when it comes to security than pirated copy.

5)  Use apps like PREY which is open source and which can be very handy when your laptop is lost or stolen to protect from data theft.

 4) A few Additional Security Tips

1)  Use complex passwords for your devices and something which cannot be cracked with a simple guess like 12345 etc.

2)  Hackers have number of trick to hack your tablets especially when internet connection is wide open or using a Virtual Private Network system or using public Wi-Fi network so it’s very important that you do not click any links or install any app which you are not sure of or promise you some service which is too good to be true.

 This is our small contribution to make your tabs more secure. 🙂

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