Google Now: Personalized search for your smart devices.

Google has always been innovative when it comes to adapting new technologies. And now yet again Google brings you something unique, Google Now which can be said as your personalized search agent.

Normally when it comes to online search we have always seen a pattern that is a search engine page where you put your query and then you are offered with huge number of results. Now it’s up to the user who needs to look in through all them to find the relevant answers.

Google Now goes beyond this concept and this is the same reason it’s hot commodity in the market. Google Now is specifically built for its smart device users around the world. Google Now will provide option to see widget-like suggested results without even requirement to type in the search box and this results change dynamically according to location or situation.

Below video gives more explanation.


Features summary:

  1. Learn about your flight timings.
  2. Learn about the best restaurants, pubs and other public places.
  3. Check the real time traffic.
  4. Currency and exchange updates.
  5. Translation services.

Well the above mentioned are just a tip of iceberg.

Learn more: Google Now.


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