JPEGmini: Optimize your photos and images.

When you take a snap with your digi cam you might have noticed that the image sizes are normally very large. Well the sizes are on a trend of increase since cams are coming with more pixels and more pixels means more size.

Well when the image is in large size it becomes tough for uploading those online for our different purposes.

JPEGmini is very useful online service which can help us in such situations. JPEGmini is online photo size reducer service. JPEGmini uses photo optimization technology which reduces the file size of photos up to 5X, yet it preserves the resolution and quality of the original photos.

JPEGmini screen

Using this service is quite simple, you need to open JPEGmini, upload the photo which you want to optimize and then you will receive link to download the image.

JPEGmini also shows you preview of both original image and optimized image which helps you to compare both images instantly.

For corporate usage JPEGmini also allows you to set up own local service which is paid service.

Learn more: JPEGmini.



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