Alternative Options for iPhone Screen Repair.

A trip to your “Genius Bar” is like falling in line for the entrance of a rock band concert—the people may not be as many but the waiting can be as long and tedious. The exaggeration may be brought by the anxiety you’re having while you got a broken iPhone, which you deem vital for you to function normally. What’s worse is the realization that the iPhone is quite expensive and the replacement option is just tragic.

 In this case, this article aims to provide you alternative options where you seek assistance for iPhone repair. To limit the scope though, it will focus on the most damage-prone component of your iPhone, the screen.

 The standard iPhone screen is made up of high quality Corning Gorilla Glass with oleophobic coating, adhering to a TFT capacitative LCD multi-touch screen. It has been subjected numerous times against damage but it is impossible yet to reach 100% resistance since Apple still has to consider its thin and lightweight properties. To address this and much to the delight of its fans, Apple offered free swaps and lending programs with minimal fees for consumers who need iPhone replacements. However, this was just active on its first few years. As more and more consumers purchase iPhones worldwide, it is only understandable that Apple would not be that lenient in replacing iPhones as the repair procedure unless otherwise suggested by a professional from the Genius Bar.

 To save you the trouble of waiting and the frustration of finding out that screen replacement with Apple can cost more than a hundred bucks, here are some alternatives for iPhone repair. Although just to remind you, nothing still beats the geniuses since they are professionals certified by Apple itself. And if your iPhone is still within its warranty, you might want to endure the line instead since you can get a screen replacement for free.

 1.      External Services or Third-Party Vendors

There are numerous external services that you can seek for assistance online, the most popular being iFixit and iResQ. The cost of their screen replacement services differs from what Apple quotes at an average of 50-75 bucks lower. Furthermore, they have quality assurance measures to guarantee proper iPhone repair while securing pertinent components and data on your iPhone.

 2.      Do-it-yourself Replacement Kits

If external services are rampant online, so are do-it-yourself replacement kits. External services like iFixit also offers downloadable iPhone repair manuals that you can use for reference. Famous online shop site Amazon offers very cheap replacement kits which also include manuals. Basically, all you just need is a suction cup that will take the screen out, miniature screwdrivers and your newly-bought screen plus tons of patience and diligence while you replace the screen by yourself in 1-2 hours.

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Rod Tolentino is a musician and a marketing consultant for Repair Labs. An industry-recognized specialist in iPhone accessories, iPhone and iPad repair.


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