Kidlogger: Monitor your child’s online activity.

As a parent it becomes necessary to keep an eye on your child’s online activities not to annoy them or poke them but to protect them from online dangers. Internet is like a vast ocean which when used for good can be a good resource to empower our knowledge and find huge information but if used negatively can create great problem. The biggest problem is that kids and teens at their age may not be as vigilant or careful when online and there is always a chance of them getting into dangers or bad people online.

Kidlogger is freeware which is built for helping parents; it’s a new generation of Parental Control, Employee Monitoring and Time Tracking service. Best thing about this software is that it’s a freeware which can be fully automated and very simple to use. It’s the best application which can track the activity of your kid or employee.


  1. Checks how much your kid has used the computer or phone.
  2. Logs most used application, websites etc.
  3. Time tracking.
  4. In phone: it can display the most used contacts on the phone (Calls, SMS, chats)
  5. Online employee monitoring solution.
  6. Periodic Screenshots and web camera shots.
  7. Supports Windows, Mac and Android.

Learn more/Download: Kidlogger.

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