Things to know when using Google Products.

Many people think of Google as a search company. While that may be their primary function, they also offer dozens of different products. From its popular Gmail software to Android, there seems to be a Google product for every need. While this might seem convenient, there are actually a number of reasons not to use their services. We’ve outlined the top five below.

  1. PrivacyThe biggest concern for most businesses is privacy. This is especially true for companies working with sensitive data. Google revamped its entire privacy policy in the last few months. Under the new setup, each Google service that you use communicates with one another. That means that if you use multiple Google products, the company can put all of your data together and have a frighteningly-clear image of who you are.
  2. Lack of Customer SupportCustomer service for Google products is lacking at best. Other platforms offer some form of direct customer support. Should you have any problems while using a Google product, you’re mostly out of luck. Google’s support channels are indirect at best, and it can take a long time to get a response. If you’re using Google products for your business, this can lead to some major conflicts.
  3. Abandoned Projects – Google’s products number in the dozens and one of the side effects of that is that there aren’t enough employees to develop every project. That means that a number of Google products either lose support or are scrapped completely at some point.
  4. Reliance on Network Connections – Although it’s true that network connections are more prevalent today than ever, it’s also true that they’re not everywhere. They’re not 100 percent reliable, either. If your business is using a Google product and loses its network connection, productivity will be at a virtual standstill until the connection is resolved.
  5. User Interface – Having a sound UI in place makes a big difference in productivity. Even if the UI isn’t particularly slick, it needs to be easy to navigate. Unfortunately, Google’s is constantly making changes to the layout of its products. That makes it difficult to effectively use the products long-term without needing to constantly re-learn how to do basic things.

Google’s range of products may be vast, but the flaws here show that less can be more. When there’s an option to use Google’s perpetual-beta products, the alternative is usually stronger. It’s better to rely on proven applications.

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